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Folder Watchdog Service 2 (FwdSvc2)

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The program provides file system changes email notification service. It can send you a mail; write a log entry or perform another action when a folder's content changed. Various filters can be applied in order to get rid of undesired events. Either local or remote file system can be monitored.

Folder Watchdog Service 2 is good solution for those who:

Folder Watchdog Service 2 is completely FREE for home or educational use!


You may find this video helpful if you're not sure how to install and configure Folder Watchdog Service 2.

Known issues


Here is a list of the program's main features.

Proceed to Feature Details page to get complete list of the programme's features and functionality.

System requirements

The program requires Microsoft .NET Runtime 4.0 installed on the machine running any Windows Operation System starting from Windows 2000. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012 are supported for both 32 and 64 bit architectures.

Need help?

Check this Quick Start Guide first. To edit the program's configuration manually please use a Notepad or an editor with XML/XSD support (you may need to specify path to .xsd files). To develop a custom filter or notification method feel free to contact the author for detailed description and assistance. Please include your fwdsvc2.exe.config and config.xml files along with problem details. In order to keep your privacy, have all sensitive data replaced with something alike but non-valid before sending your configuration files!


To see some screenshots of the Folder Watchdog Service 2 Configurator application please proceed to Screenshots page.

Where to obtain the latest version

Folder Watchdog Service 2 can be downloaded from different sources at the Internet, but the only location for the most up-to-date version is this site. Proceed to Download page to get the link to the installation package. This package is guaranteed to be free of viruses, adware, spyware and other unsolicited content.

Why to register

Although the program is free for home or educational use, registration after trial period of 30 days is mandatory as long as the program is intended to be used in business-related purposes If you want to purchase a registration key via one of highly secure and reliable software resellers please check detailed instructions which are available at Purchase page. Do not hesitate to drop a mail before making the purchase.

Future improvements

Currently available version of Folder Watchdog Service 2 has some features of its predecessor not yet implemented, such as some filters or SQL logging and a couple of other. These features had not been greatly appreciated by existent users and were scheduled to be implemented in the nearest future. If you want to use Folder Watchdog Service 2 instead of older release and/or you do need any of the above mentioned features please let the author know to have the schedule updated.