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Developer's Corner

Here is a list of code snippets I want to share with anyone interested in.

WPF Binding and INotifyPropertyChanged Speed Test [C#][WPF][.NET]

A sample WPF 4.0 application containing 5 implementations of data bound objects supporting property change notification:

The application allows to run performance test against all aforementioned implementations. There are also some well-known techniques illustrated, such as attributes, late binding, value converters, data template initialization hooks.


CSMTPAuthConnection [C++][ATL]

This is an extension to ATL's CSMTPConnection class with ESMTP and authentication support. Methods added are self-descriptive and do not require extensive comments:

There are two more helper classes in addition. CMimeHTML makes the deal with HTML-formatted messages easier, CMimeMessage2 is a support to CMimeHTML.


EnumerateGroupUsers Sample [C#][.NET]

.NET 1.1 C# sample that shows how to enumerate and get all users belonging to a group in Active Directory.

Download EnumerateGroupUsers.cs