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Folder Watchdog Service 2 Feature Details

Download latest version. Purchase registration key (Business Use) online.

Completely free for home or educational use

You as a user is allowed to use the program for home or educational for unlimited period of time without any fees. Business-related use requires either purchase of registration key or the program's uninstall after trial period of 30 days.

Network connectivity fault recovery support

Assume a remote folder is being monitored for change. Monitoring will fail upon a network issue, such as LAN issue, temporary power outage, machine reboot etc. Network connectivity recovery feature forces the program to restore watching.

Unlimited number of folders being watched

Number of folders to be watched is limited by your machine's operation system only. There is not limit in the program itself.

Particular folder-only or entire subtree watch

Notifications can be send whenever something happends to either a specified folder or to that folder and any subfolder.

Unlimited number of masks allows full control on which file or folder triggers notification

File masks (wildcards and regular expressions) allow to choose if a file having name matching a mask should or should not trigger a notification.

A hint: by default, all notifications are processed, so a set of Include only masks don't really have any effect. To avoid getting unwanted notifications in this scenario, have Exclude (*.*) added as a last item in the list.

Filters are provided to remove unwanted changes

There are several filters which allow to control the amount of notification data:

Created Only

Only 'Created' events will be notified about.

Deleted Only

Only 'Deleted' events will be notified about.

Suppress Repetitive Events

If a file was changed several times within notification interval only latest change will be notified about.

Suppress Sequental Repetitive Events

If a file was changed several times sequentally, only latest change will be notified about.

Suppress Locked Files

An event which happends when a file is being used by another application will be removed.

Suppress Unlocked Files

An event which happends when a file is not being used by another application will be removed.

Real Last Write Time Stamp

Replaces an event's time stamp with the file's Last Write timestamp.

Add Real Last Write Time Stamp

Appends file's Last Write timestamp.

Download Complete

Postpones all notifications until specified set of masks is hit. Useful to notify on several files' download completion.

Still Exists

Notifies only on files which exist for longer than specified timeout. Useful when a notification on unprocessed files needs to be sent.


Allows to change name of a recorded entry using Regular Expressions. May be useful when you watch for new episode of a show and want to adjust notification content.

Change Count

Allows to avoid rare changes in case only massive amount of such is to be notified about.

Unlimited number of notifications per folder

A change in the folder can trigger any number of notification - log, email or custom.

Built-in notification methods

Customizable log file

Writes notification to a text file which can be rolled over.


Email message with XSLT-driven templates configurable per each notification, extensive SMTP support, including SSL, plain text and Integrated Windows authentication.

External executable spawn

Created file with temporary name containing a list of events happened is passed to the specified executable module. Additional configuration options are available.

Complete built-in support for watching schedule

Specify when the program should monitor a folder and when it should not.

No nag screens, time limits, adware, spyware, malware, activation or validation

You will never see any message boxed urging you to purchase or uninstall. Registration key is needed for business use only.

Configuration information is stored in industry-standard XML files with XSD schema provided along with executable modules

You can easily understood what the program is watching for even without Configurator application. Config backup/export/import is not an issue anynmore.

Open interfaces allow a user to implement their own filters and notification methods by means of any Microsoft .NET 4.0 compatible development tool

Anyone with software developing skill can enhance the program by creating custom filters and notification methods.