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Welcome to Seleznyov.Com!

This is the home site of Alexander A. Seleznyov's programs.


These programs are available for everyday use. They have been thoroughly tested and are assumed to have all problems eliminated.

Folder Watchdog Service 2 (FwdSvc2)

Completely reworked and enhanced to be much better than its predecessor, provides with more control of the program's functioning and thorough notification customization. Enhancements include Active Directory integration, user-created filters and notification methods.

And the most important news - the program is FREE for home or educational use!

Folder Watchdog Service (FWDSVC)

Folder Watchdog Service notifies via email on file or folder creation/modification/deletion/right change at both local and remote file. Runs as Windows service. It supports monitoring of subfolders, masks and event filtering. Email messages may be in either in Plain Text or HTML.

It can help you when

Subtitle Translation Assistant

This program's only purpose is to provide convenient way for .srt subtitle translation from one language to another. Its simplicity and usability allows to speed translation up twice. It is absolutely free for both download and use.

Developer's Corner

Code Snippets

Small collection of source code which in my humble opinion may help a brother coder to save some valuable time.